Mr Abul Basir

Mr Abul Basir: The Chairman of Holymart Limited is the significant person in garments business in Bangladesh. He has been doing this business about last 10 years. the chairman of Holymart Limited is one of the most successful personnel in Bangladesh Knit Manufacturing sector, maintained a high profile and provides leadership to business community in different segments.

Mr Nasir Uddin
Mr Nasir Uddin: The Managing Director of Holymart Limited. He is a young entrepreneur in Apparels sector. From his view of points, Entrepreneurs create products, services and jobs. They expand economies, improve people’s lives, provide employment (high and rising wages) and bring about competition. A competitive environment, in turn, gives rise to efficiency, meritocracy and further innovations and entrepreneurial drive. The potent combination of entrepreneurship and technological innovation can forge an environment that is conducive to further enterprise, involving even government policy in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation. So he self-appointment in apparels manufacturing sector after graduation completed.